I'm Jenn Nguyen (get it?!)--an optimistic realist, budding philanthropist and occasional foodie. Came into existence during the 80's--the era of time-traveling DeLoreans, Zack Morris high-tops and Nintendo. I have an affinity for tea, biting sarcasm, texture and bumping hearts with my loved ones. Frequently, I enjoy tickling my brain with psychological editorials, poker, TED lectures, philosophy, and people, but am oftentimes confused by politics, cosmetics, and ebonics.

A few tidbits: I'm a big fan of the SF Giants & SJ Sharks! I love nature (hiking, biking, climbing, camping, boating). I can spend hours of a day in a bookstore or museum. I've never had a twinkie before. I haven't had McDonald's since I was 12. I am obsessed with bacon. My favorite sport to watch live is hockey. And I'm a bit of a dreamer (but will rarely admit that).

I currently reside in California's beautiful Bay Area. I graduated in 2007 from the University of California, Davis with a B.A. in Design. I started out dating Biology & Psychology, but soon realized my true love lies in Design & Art (no hard feelings)--from there came a beautiful and thunderously hip marriage.

Design is not only a profession, but it is also my passion. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of working on each project from start to finish--to stretch and pull myself through each process, to think conceptually and to aspire for growth in everything I put my mind to.

As you peruse through my portfolio, I'll leave you with this quote and constant reminder of why I continue to do what I do, “You can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream. I'd rather live it cause dreamers always chase but never get it.” - Aesop Rock

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